Day 2 – Mylestom to Macksville via Bowraville

+ 692m or +837m depending on whose Strava is right
1 magpie swoop *

* same one outside the caravan park as yesterday afternoon, but I’m counting attacks not individual birds

1 dickhead in a ute (90% of the time it’s a ute). No mate, you do not blow your horn to order us off the road. Read the road rules.

Well the bums and legs felt it a lot more today, thanks to the climbing on dirt between Valla and Bowraville. The pay off was minimum traffic, and pleasant scenery.

We had a leisurely breakfast at the store in Mylestom, and so didn’t get away till about 9.30. The stop at Valla for coffee was welcome – so far it was on roads we’d ridden before.

I’m trying to perfect the art of taking photos while we’re riding my phone on a ‘rope’ because I’m scared of dropping it. I need a bit more practice (accidentally taking one in black and white). Or maybe we should just stop!

Lush green Bangalow palms don’t look quite the same in black and white. Fumbled opening the camera app. 😒

We were pretty happy to get to Bowraville. Food options were a bit scarce – a few places closed down.

Had the biggest diameter chicken burger I’ve ever seen and it wasn’t much chop. I couldn’t eat much of it.

My original plan was to take a back road (Congarrini North) between Bowra and Macksville, but we knew there were more climbs on dirt, and so opted for bitumen and cars. The cars weren’t too bad. There was still one steep pinch, but at least it wasn’t dirt, and I think it was the quicker option.

We’re showered with a load of washing on, and once that’s hung up I think a beer at the pub overlooking the river might be in order.

(Still have to figure out how to stop Relive using every single photo taken during the ride 🤔)

Tomorrow: shorter day up to Taylors Arm and The Pub With No Beer – which I am reliably informed does have beer. Phew.

*Update: didn’t make the Beer before dark, so missed out on that river view 😒

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