Day 1 – Sandy Beach to Mylestom

53 KM
2 magpie swoops

It was a good distance to warm up with, given our tour training approach this time is ‘train on Day 1 for Day 2’. We haven’t had the opportunity to do any ‘training’ hit out rides, and the only tandem ride we’ve done in the past few months was on the road tyres. So we really felt it today as we set out. It’s going to take a couple of days to get used to the slower touring tyres, and the weight of the panniers.One of the ‘downsides’ to setting out from home is that you’re covering all local riding territory, so today also didn’t have the same feeling as the first day of other tours. So we took it easy, mid-morning start, with a detour into Moonee Beach to post a letter, and then a stop for lunch in Coffs at 21km at a cafe on Ocean Parade. We also took the highway for the most part between home and Coffs because we’ve done the service road to death, and we could avoid a few hills! Our first magpie swoop was along Aviation Drive near the airport, but I’d clocked him early, drew the ‘magpie stick’ (selfie stick sheathed in the outer pocket of a rear pannier), waved it around like a mad idiot, and kept him at bay.We stopped for a break at a rest area along Pine Creek Way…

a quick photo of the view at Perrys Road (Repton)

I realised I’d forgotten about the couple of climbs involved in taking the Repton detour (oops… training?) and then it was the fairly flat run along the river to the General Store by 2.30. Still in my ‘coffee window’ ☕😊

… and starting to feel like we’re on holidays.

There was hardly anyone around (which is just how we like it) – apart from the second swooping magpie for the day just outside the holiday park, but another pre-emptive stick wave kept him far enough away. If I can keep them far enough away that I don’t hear the beak snapping, then I’m happy.We’re staying in one of those cabin tents (a first). Not sure if this one fits the ‘glamping’ definition, but it’s quite nice and spacious, although it feels a bit more drafty than a cabin. It probably wouldn’t be a great idea mid-winter.

We’ve been for a stroll to check out the beach, and the river,

and now Marc is actually headed back to Coffs to play his Monday night touch game! Yep you read that correctly. 😂 It’s not quite as crazy as coming back from Port Macquarie for the grand final three days into our Sandy to Sydney ride four years ago. This time his teammate happens to live in Mylestom, and we’ve been invited for dinner when they get back. I should have factored in touch when I was planning this ride – he’s missed a lot over the past couple of months due to work trips. Fortunate to be back playing at all, I know but seeing they are, and he’s mad/fit enough to do it and then ride again tomorrow, then why not!Tomorrow we’ll start covering some new territory – at Valla we’re going turn off and take back roads to Bowraville and onto Macksville.

4 thoughts on “Day 1 – Sandy Beach to Mylestom

  1. Hmm yes, touring in magpie season…. hate it. Love that river photo amazing. Not sure why I didn’t get this one but I did get one saying pics and words coming soon. Anyway all caught up now. Enjoy,


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