Rest day – Kingston SE

Monday 18th April, 2022

A leisurely, do-nothing-much day. We rode downtown for a late breakfast at a cafe, taking a bit of a ‘scenic’ route via some cycle paths on the reserve around the creek.

After breakfast/brunch we checked out the relocated Cape Jaffa Lighthouse, which is a decommissioned lighthouse that has been relocated to a large house block along the waterfront. (Well, the ‘reserve-front’ with the water just beyond it.) A National Trust guide up in the lighthouse called out to offer us a tour, but we passed on paying $15 each for a 45-minute tour while leaving our bike unattended down below.

We couldn’t skip Kingston without adding the photo of another Tandem-lean-against-a-Big-Thing to our collection. We had rolled by The Big Lobster as we arrived in town yesterday, so before going back to our motel, which, as you might imagine from its name – The Kingston Lobster Motel – is right next door to it, we made a quick stop.

I love the story (<-item 7 in ‘things to see and do’ in that link) that it only ended up this big because the guy who commissioned it gave the measurements he wanted in feet, and the guy who made it made it in metres.

I have no idea what we did for lunch – I think it was the bakery over the road again (and I think we bought some snacks for breakfast on the road the next morning.)

A quiet afternoon just chilling in the motel, and then came the issue of dinner. We headed on foot a couple of blocks to a Chinese Restaurant/takeaway that we’d found on Google Maps. Closed. Easter Monday hey. Next option was the Hotel again. We did a walk-through, but there was nowhere free to sit that wasn’t crowded and noisy. Nope. Nope. Nope. I wasn’t sitting through that again. The only option left was the OTR roadhouse at the servo back up on the highway near our motel. Yep. That was my preference for dinner over the pub bistro. (Something to laugh about now recalling how stroppy I was about that Pub Bistro!)

So that was the Rest Day in Kingston. Tomorrow, another almost 100km hop to Beachport. Early start planned because of the wind forecast.

Google maps timeline of the day, not a perfect record, but a big help with recalling what we did 10 months ago!
Green for cycling, blue for walking.

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