Day 8 – Bombala to Delegate

A welcome short day today, before the BIG one tomorrow (Delegate to Orbost). Had a sleep in, brekkie included at the Heritage Guesthouse. And we’re dallying in town for another cappuccino for me before setting off. While Marc evaluated a good old country town vanilla slice

The orange bikes – which we also saw on many shop fronts in Cooma – are in support of the development of the Monaro Rail Trail.

12:30 Arrived in Delegate. It wasn’t an easy 36k, the legs still felt every metre. Guess that’s how it goes after two days in a row of +1000m/+90k days. Bit worried about the huge day tomorrow, but I guess we have the afternoon to rest.

I’ll rearrange the photos when we have Wi-Fi tomorrow. Meanwhile, (ping Scotty) Marc rated the vanilla slice 8.5 out of 10. Proper pastry, proper icing not frosting, and passionfruit seeds in the icing. All ✔️. Lost points for the size (a bit small), and the custard wasn’t superb.

And the photo below that? Well the whole ride involves quite a bit of hydrographer infrastructure spotting. Not all get photographed- as it’s often a rain gauge compound way over there in that paddock. This is a gauging station, and it just happened to be on the river across from where we stopped for a break. Seems it was photo worthy 😁

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