Day 9 – Delegate to Orbost 124k

+1123m, which wasn’t that bad, actually. Only 14k total of dirt. Road quality amazing (apart from the downhills on the 12k section. Bugger all traffic (got lucky with the logging trucks not running today!) Mostly eucalypt forest, and a few patches of farmland. Great riding!

Our luck ran out with the rain-dodging though. Two thunderstorms got us. So we arrived at Orbost looking like a pair of cold, drowned rats. Nothing a hot shower and a cup of tea hasn’t fixed.

Rest day tomorrow!

20:15 – A cautionary tale. If you get up early and ride a loaded tandem 125k, and over 1000m climbing, in an average of 13 degrees, and soaked from a thunderstorm, then you might wind up, having taken off your merino long sleeve in the Club dining room, standing at the register ordering dessert with your husband cracking up back at the table because he’s just noticed that you have your black t-shirt on inside out, with the label prominently showing on the back. 🤣

7 thoughts on “Day 9 – Delegate to Orbost 124k

  1. What is this, have a shot at Marc day? 😝 Trust me, his legs are still hairy. And he’ll have a shave soon enough. Maybe rest day 😎 He’s usually the more photogenic one in the selfies. It was too cold and wet to wait around for him to finish his mouthful of nougat 🍯 log

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