Day 4 – Tarago to Braidwood 59k

Check route on the day by day route map.

2pm – Sitting in the warm in Braidwood Bakery – just enthusiastically demolished a chicken pie. I don’t always eat pies going “Mmmmmm… Mmmmmm” but today was one of those days ūüėĀ

Came cross country, at least half the distance was dirt.



4 thoughts on “Day 4 – Tarago to Braidwood 59k

    1. Well, yes ūüėĀ. He didn’t offer to push it across with me sitting on the back ūüėõ He did kindly wedge his shoes on top of the panniers so I had enough hands to take photos! It was only ankle deep, so no big deal. I bloody enjoyed that chicken pie though. Just hit the spot.


    1. It’s not ketchup it’s ‘tomato sauce’ ! Which is pretty much mandatory on a dinkum Aussie meat pie. (even a steak and mushroom as his was). Chicken pie does not require tomato sauce, although it would not be shocking if you did use it. ūüėĄ


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