Rest day in Braidwood

A welcome break in a cute little heritage town.

Marc used to stay here quite a bit, back about 30 years ago on his Sydney Water runs, so it’s been interesting for him to check out what’s changed, and what’s still the same.

Leading up to this trip when I was researching route options, I happened upon the Facebook group ‘Caffeinated Wheelfolk of Braidwood’. I got some great advice (about the best and safest way to ride in yesterday) from Raiah and Tim, who set up that group, and who also own two Co-motion tandems that they tour on with their kids!

So it was lovely that we were able to meet up for a coffee this morning. We talked (Co-motion) tandems, of course, and touring with kids (which they have done in Europe, camping AND for something like six months!) And touring routes, and Warmshowers and so on!

Love how the internet brings cycling people together.

So the weather is a bit patchy today… We’ve walked back up town for lunch, and to shop for supplies to sustain us through tomorrow afternoon (after a shortish 40km), dinner, and a long and hilly day on the bike on Wednesday into Cooma.

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