Day 3 – Moss Vale to Tarago 111k

A bit of blue sky as we left the cabin 👍

8:30 – brekkie at Ye Olde Bicycle Shoppe at Bundanoon. Clearly it was always going to be a mandatory stop.

13:45 Picnic lunch at Bungonia after a take away coffee and general store stop in Marulan.

👆They’re deep and meaningful in Bungonia

69k down, only about 40 to go

The last 40k were a bit of a slog, at least 20k of dirt, probably more. But at least there was stuff all traffic.


At Tarago. 👍 Bit of an adrenalin boost a few ks out with our first magpie attack of this trip. Bastard came in from the front at first! The worst thing is we have to double back that way a few ks tomorrow morning!

The Loaded Dog Hotel. Accommodation and FOOD.



8 thoughts on “Day 3 – Moss Vale to Tarago 111k

    1. Rained overnight so yes, damp roads which sprayed a bit of muck. But we’ve otherwise stayed dry so far. Blue skies today, probably 50% cloud, warm when the sun is out, but cool when it goes behind the clouds.


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