Day 2 – Picton to Moss Vale 67k

10:15 – Just short of half way, and a couple of ks away from another coffee at Hilltop, which I will have earned, because HILL and TOP.

We’re enjoying the cafes while we can, so we stopped only 9k up the road at Thirlmere for breakfast. Avo smash ftw 👍

We’ve just stopped at a big sculpture which turns out is to honour the huge endeavour of the guys that hand hewed the deepest railway cutting in NSW…..

It’s Tulip Time in Bowral:

14:45 -Arrived in Mossy, after a detour in Bowral for toasted ham cheese and tomato sammiches at Scotty’s place. Neglected again to take a photo when we should have. Scotty’s bike with homemade electric assist kit (as he rode with us for a few ks) should have been recorded for posterity!

** Edit: For posterity – The ‘Solar Warrior’, albeit without Scotty

Somehow managed to wrangle the tandem into the cabin.,

today’s ride won’t upload to Garmin (and thus Strava), so adjourning to the Taphouse (after a shower and throwing some washing on) seems like a good idea. It’s a bit bloody cool here. Wondering a bit about our decision not to bring long pants for riding.

16:30 – Turns out the Garmin was lying and my ride uploaded to Strava anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ See the Day by Day post for now to check out each day’s ride route added as we go (internet connection permitting).

Washing done and hung with the air con doing the drying job. A few more photos to upload and then we’ll head out to the Taphouse.

Big day’s ride tomorrow, about 110k – to Tarago – and internet/mobile data situation there unknown.

4 thoughts on “Day 2 – Picton to Moss Vale 67k

  1. Lesley

    Hi Trace and Marc
    I was at work on Friday and not back in the highlands till 7.30pm Friday – didn’t go near FB to see your messages. Hope your ride is going OK despite the rain – God did we need rain, but not great timing for you riding in it!!
    Lovely to see the pics. I’ll follow you online if not in person….
    Safe riding….. Lesley xoxo


    1. Hi Lesley! No worries, sorry about the timing and too short notice. We’ve been super lucky, haven’t really got wet so far, let’s hope our luck in dodging the rain continues!


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