Stopover in Fairfax 

Because why not!

So the Inn was quite nice (despite the owner’s freakout about the bike on the carpet) and the village vibe seemed nice, so we decided to linger a day, and do the final ride into San Francisco tomorrow.

Turns out Fairfax is kinda the spiritual home of mountain biking, and there’s all sorts of stuff here celebrating that. There is a Bicycle Museum, but frustratingly it was closed! Only open Thursday to Sunday. Marc has been reading up on the whole history … but I doubt I’ll manage to pin him down to contribute here.  There is some well known downhill track here. If only the legs had anything left in them it could be something worth doing if you could get your hands on an MTB.

There was one little bike shop and we stuck our heads in for a look. We’d just started chatting to the owner when we were interrupted by some guy who just wanted to catch up with the owner and he just kind of took over. It got to the point where we awkwardly left. Bit disappointing, as we were enjoying the chat!

Awesome Mexican for lunch and then an ice cream. And some time spent booking a hire car for our last two days in SF, booking the motel for tomorrow night, and then figuring out how to get there.

Had a great Italian meal last night – at Fradelizios – and now tonight we’ll get to go to the restaurant recommended to us by a dude we talked to in Valley Ford – they were closed Monday night. (Sorella)

Probably seems a weird place to stop over so close to San Fran – at the expense of ticking the box on more well-known attractions there. But we kind of like to take some time experience the vibe and character of random places and to wander off the main drag. Sometimes you never know what you’ll learn!

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