Day 16 – Bodega Bay to Fairfax 



84k plus either 900 or 1100 metres up depending on whether you believe Marc’s or my Strava!

Foggy departure from Bodega Bay after an unappealing attempt at breakfast from a little coffee place next-door to the Inn we stayed at. (Blueberry scone too sweet for me). Fortified with a banana and hard-boiled egg from the market down the road, we set off.

We emerged into sunshine by the time we hit Valley Ford about 15k down the road and decided to have some scrambled eggs at a café there. That took a lot longer than we anticipated, but we chatted with people at the neighbouring table (the tandem is very much a conversation starter.)

We found more fog as we wound back towards the Bay (I think it’s called Tomales Bay)

Rode out of the fog again, with a snack stop on the edge of a state park overlooking the water, and and then at the 50k mark found the bustling town centre of Point Reyes Station, and got lucky with a cool cafe that served an awesome beet and grains salad. We were waylaid by a couple of older biker dudes who chatted with us for ages about the tandem, where we’d ridden from, and all sorts of stuff (like the fact that one’s wife had gone to University in Eugene when the movie Animal House was filmed :D.. And the other guy related to Marc about his experiences in Australia in the late 60s!)

Onwards and finally onto a great bike path through Samuel P Taylor State Park.. Last chance to ride through some Redwoods.

Finally into Fairfax.  Rriding into urban areas now and the Golden Gate Bridge is about 30k from here.

Not so many photos today because of the fog. No more rocks in the ocean, lol! It’s a bit sad to leave that stunning scenery behind, but my legs are saying Thank HEAVENS.

This was the first accommodation place the owner freaked out about the bike going in the room on the carpet! Marc kind of passively aggressively sweet-talked her, and she’d gave us a sheet to put on the floor! – Him: “This is the first place between here and Eugene that had had an issue!”

6 thoughts on “Day 16 – Bodega Bay to Fairfax 

  1. Di bentley

    Wow your trip has flown but hey I’m not the one on the back peddling !! Scenery has been great ! Does this mean I have my riding mate back next week ? Enjoy the last leg of ride !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Can’t decide whether it’s flown or not. Legs are relieved it’s just about over. Two more weeks mate :/.. We arrive SYD Monday morning but stay overnight and drive back Tuesday. Next week might be too soon for me to get on a bloody bike again anyway 😀


  2. You got to eat at the Valley Ford restaurant because today is Tuesday and they reopened today. We were disappointed that they were closed and we had to dig deep for bars to eat out front.
    You aren’t far behind us. We had ice cream in Fairfax. We will look for you tomorrow. Maybe we’ll meet at the Golden Gate Bridge 🙂


    1. Leilani, you really do need a rest day lol! Today is Monday – except in Australia 😀 You’re thinking of the Stewarts Point Store – after Gualala! We took a similar picture to you there -and ate some fruit and nut bars, and talked to a guy who warned us about how bad the road ahead was going to be! (Thanks mate)
      But at least we’d already had breakfast as well and were forewarned by your blog post!
      Valley Ford today was out of Bodega Bay – Estero Cafe!


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