Day 15 – Gualala to Bodega Bay 

76k and close enough to 1000m climbing


Left by 8 and managed to beat a lot of the Sunday traffic (hotels and motels here have 11am or even 12 checkout!) A couple of roadwork/signal one-laners helped a bit – we’d pull over and let the batch of cars through then have the road to ourselves for a while. More bloody spectacular coastline, and a bit more of me freaking about the drop off down the cliff right next to the edge of the road.

The last 20k was a shocker. More idiot drivers – either squeezing past too close or crossing double yellow lines unsighted as to oncoming traffic – in under an hour than in the rest of the trip altogether.

Got to the accommodation early for 3.00 check in, waited outside for nearly half an hour because there was some wedding ceremony going on in the garden, virtually on the footpath to the office, so we thought we shouldn’t rock through in our bike gear and pushing the tandem.  When we did get to check in, the room wasn’t done. No worries, we’re about 10 mins early. Waiting, waiting, no action in the room. 3.15 back to the office a bit cranky, and that was the only thing that roused the cleaner from wherever… Finally got into the room about 3.45… Pretty annoying, but now we’re showered and the LAST washing of the bike gear has been done and  hung! Bar post ride.. but, yes, technically only two more days of riding. Tomorrow we ride to Fairfax which is within 30k of the Golden Gate Bridge.

[ed: maybe I’ve gone off a bit early there.. vague discussion over dinner about where we might stay on Tuesday night.]

Anyway, quick photo upload (of yet more bloody rocks in the ocean!) and then we need to wander downtown and eat!

[ed: my goodness, Bodega Bay is a strange place. No discernable town centre, and we’d rate it 0/10 for walkability.  Mostly not even any shoulder to walk on down main road, and the one footpath we did eventually come across was mostly overgrown with vegetation.  For a tourist place that charges for accommodation, there is not much civic pride in evidence.

Photo dump:

First stop, store closed for their ‘Fall Break’ 😦  Reopening Tuesday – two days time.

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