Day 3 – Reedsport to Charleston

Well that day ended up being about 20k more than I had initially planned!  Now at Charleston, a little fishing village east (and a bit south) of Coos Bay. Smells like one too!
But we got lucky with the motel booking – we’ve booked ahead a few nights over the long weekend. Didn’t even care if we got a first floor room – we were just happy to get a room. Carried the bike up the stairs, and the room is considerably roomier (and cheaper) than last night. And the wifi is good too. (Unlike last night!)

So we’re showered, and bike gear is washed and hung up, so we should go for a wander around said fishing village. (Pretty sure we’re eating seafood tonight).

I’m still getting back to the first couple of days and updating. This trying to blog and ride and see the sights is all a bit of a challenge.


(Click on map should hopefully go to RWGPS page and zoomable map)


And click on that to “live” the ride.

Will get some photos uploaded soon, but today I’ve managed to embed all the ones I took in the Relive video.

Marc has to lift his game and add photos he’s taken to the blog. He has the means, just not the will, it seems (ha ha).  Truth is he’s spent a bit of time making a few tweaks to the bike.  And this arvo I put him on wringing clothes duty as well as line stringing, as he’s all over it with da skillz.



Winchester Bay – only about 6k from the start. This was where I wanted to stay last night but it was booked out. This is Dune Buggy Central… and I think there was some event on. Anyway, I got a coffee here.  And Marc forced a cookie down just to do something while I drank coffee.   Bloody America – even the smallest coffee you can buy is the size of our mediums.

Then up to Umpqua Lighthouse.

It was all smokey today again, so we weren’t going to be getting any blue-skied picture perfect snaps.


Viewing platform for whale watching. (Bit far doncha think guys?.. ok, so there were telescopes there.  We’re a bit spoilt with the whale watching opportunities from our local headlands at home!)



5 thoughts on “Day 3 – Reedsport to Charleston

  1. Jeanette

    How wonderful to meet you two today at Bastendorff Beach. I am in total awe of the trip you have planned. Being from California I am familiar with the sights and sounds that lie ahead for you two. So looking forward to reading about your adventure!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lovely to meet you too Jeanette! We’re loving chatting to people we meet – you’re actually the first that’s asked if we have a blog! We’re just back having lunch in Charleston after checking out Cape Arago – which we loved. Ready to tackle 7 Devils and will look out for your house!


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