Day 4 – Charleston to Bandon (Cape Arago side trip) 




This morning we rode a 20k return to check out Cape Arago. Sans panniers! That felt pretty good! First real look at the Pacific Ocean up on this hemisphere.

Just finished lunch back at Charleston, panniers are locked and loaded and we’re about to tackle the infamous (in cycling touring circles) Seven Devils route. A bit of up.


In Bandon now, ice-creamed, showered, and with today’s bike clothes in the washing machine (we are very conveniently right next door to a laundromat.

Seven Devils was a bit of an effort in the heat, though it’s really only the first one that is a killer. It was pretty special to get a shout out from the lovely Jeanette that we chatted to earlier in the day! We would have loved to have stopped but were afraid we might have trouble getting started again!


The “best breakfast in town” according to the guy at the

Seals!  Making barking noises. Classic.  Marc has a video, will get it uploaded when we can sort ourselves out.



No photos of the Seven Devils road because we were too busy heads down, working our butts off. Plus, to be honest, the scenery wasn’t that great. I even missed the painted messages on the road, counting each ‘devil’.  Still it was good to be away from the highway for the duration.

About a k before the highway there was this:

Neglected to take photos of Old Town in Bandon, but it’s kind of arty… and there are a few bicycle “sculptures” around town, including this dedicated Cycle Stop.

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