Day 2 – Florence to Reedsport 


The plan was originally Winchester Bay, a bit further than Reedsport, but turns out it’s Labor Day long weekend and it’s pretty hard to find accommodation. (Also the highway is busier). Maybe we should have put back our trip another week.

Anyway, we were lucky to find a room in Reedsport. Nothing much (but priced according to supply & demand!)

We added a good 15k or so to the day before leaving Florence. Late start, and then didn’t end up having lunch till Reedsport at about 3.00. “You’re not yourself when you’re hangry”.

Having trouble uploading photos, and we need to go out and get moar fooooood. Later!







One thought on “Day 2 – Florence to Reedsport 

  1. Cheryl

    Anyone on the major tours will tell you not to go hunger flat lol! I assume you’re using a tablet? I have found a natty app called “eZy Watermark lite – photo watermarking” by Whizpool. It’s allowing me to add a copyright and also reduce the size for easy upload and I can do it in batches, as opposed to my old app which required me to do it one at a time. Thought it might be of use. Enjoying your journey. Cheers Cheryl


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