New bike day :) 

Today was the big day. We drove out to Co-motion (not without me stuffing up the navigation AGAIN.) Saddles and seatpost on. A couple of rides and a couple of adjustments. A drive back into town to take back the hire car, visit the bank (a bit of lunch), and then the guy from Co-motion gave us a lift back out there again. Now we’re on two wheels for the next few weeks!

A little ride back to the motel.

​He spent the rest of the afternoon tinkering with it… attaching this and that.  There are a couple of things we need to maybe revise with them tomorrow.

We’re still a bit discombobulated with our inner “GPS”…  We’re still setting off in the wrong direction at times, thinking we should be going one way when in fact it’s the total opposite.  I’m blaming the whole driving on the other side of the road thing, compounded by there being a lot of one-way streets. That’s on top of my usual crap navigational sense that Marc usually gives me heaps about.  I don’t know what his excuse is.

We returned the hire car on time – and the staff at the Eugene office were indeed happy with their Portland colleague. “Hey guys, Jordan wrote us a note!”  Pretty amusing. I’m also not too disappointed to be without a vehicle. Day two of being a passenger in a car here, and I still can’t relax.


Bagels for lunch.  (I’m putting them in the ‘local cuisine’ basket too!) They were yum.


Italian for dinner.

Did I mention that Marc is loving the beer scene?!  And there’s so much choice, I’m even finding some mellow ones that I like.


Some more ‘Cultural’ Observations and comparisons:

Oregon state law is that you cannot pump your own petrol.  No sales tax in Oregon. Which makes paying for things a bit more straightforward than in California.

Cappuccinos don’t seem to come standard with chocolate on top. What the? (Today I asked for some.)  So far the coffee is nothing to rave about in comparison.  My coffee consumption has reduced dramatically.  (Yesterday at the airport in San Francisco I really couldn’t be bothered standing in this HUGE queue for Starbucks.)

The money!
ATMs don’t dispense any higher value notes than $20’s! (Not ideal when you’re withdrawing a lot of cash to pay the balance on the bike, because you realised that you were copping a 3% currency conversion fee per visa transaction!)

America! Your money is boring, and bland, and hard to differentiate!
Haven’t seen a $10 bill yet… or a $2 – so it’s 1’s, 5’s, 20’s, and 100’s. (Haven’t seen a 50 either).

5c coins are bigger than dimes.  No 20c pieces, but quarters, of course.  That’s it for coins, apart from the pennies.  We needed our glasses on to suss out the silver coins, because there’s no big numbers on them.

On that one short ride we were amazed at how courteous drivers were to bike riders. They gave way to us crossing the road on a bike path. You just wouldn’t see that in Australia – not anywhere we’ve been either.

(I’m done!..  One more day of faffing around, and then we hope to get started on this adventure!)

10 thoughts on “New bike day :) 

    1. Turns out I like Belgian style beer, so I’ll be joining them. When do you leave again? I haven’t had a chance to even check facebook in the last few days, and I forgot to note the link to your blog. Not that I’ve had the time to do anything that I usually do on the internet!!!! At least with blogs they’ll be still there and easier to catch up on old posts.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. joan

    can understand your nervousness with driving, I was even nervous crossing the road with traffic coming at me the “wrong”way. Much to learn with the money, too. The bike looks fantastic, so have a great adventure .


  2. Malcolm

    My theory with the navigation is due to the change in hemisheres. You orientate yourself and go in a direction based on where the sun is and the time of day; but it’s all the other way where you are. You apply your Aussie rules and go the wrong way.

    Good to see the new steed. Looks great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We were just saying the other day that the sun thing was compounding it, as well as the fact that at home we think of ‘towards the coast’ as east, not west. With the traffic we’ve started saying ‘look left. look right. look left… Stay on the right’ when turning in and out of streets.


  3. Ann

    Hey Trace: Cappuccinos only come standard with chocolate on top in Australia (and maybe New Zealand). Look for Italian coffee places for decent coffee, and stay out of Starbucks who think they make great coffee but really they don’t.
    You should be able to find better places for coffee and food as you make your way down the coast road. (Although I haven’t done that route for quite a few years, and that was in a car). You’ll have lots of fun and lots of new experiences to share with all of us. The bike looks great, and I love the colour!


    1. Thanks for those tips!! I’d already heard that one about Starbucks. I’m not sure I’m that fussed on the cappuccinos here… even when I ask for chocolate sprinkled on top. Then again we haven’t come across any Italian places yet. I may well have weaned myself off coffee by the time I get home!
      Glad other people like the colour of the bike! We’re really happy with it!


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