T minus One.

Busy day getting stuff sorted. Two trips out to Co-motion. Ended the day with a detour to check out the river and some more of Eugene’s bike paths.

Serendipity (ie. Marc deciding we should walk umpteen blocks to check out a different food strip that we saw earlier in the afternoon + me whingeing about walking umpteen blocks at 8.30 to find dinner) found us the best Thai food ever – albeit humungous American size dishes!)

It’s already late and we need to get up for an early start.  Big day tomorrow – 125k. Not ideal for the first day, but no choice as no accommodation in between Eugene and Florence.   Have split it all up into around 20k sections, so should be good as long as we get away early.

Loving the comments, sorry haven’t had time to reply today, will catch up tomorrow night or even the day after (which I’ve sensibly scheduled as only 40k!!!! )

Wish us luck for our first day of touring!


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