This time next week….

… we will be riding this little beauty! We’ll probably! get them to put on our saddles and my Thudbuster seat post – which are sitting here ready to be packed.   And then maybe they’ll add the stoker bars for me to hang on to. (Unlike those do-nothing pillion motorbike passengers, there’s no waist hugging while we’re on the move!)   A bit of tweaking with ‘fit’… and theoretically we’ll be ready to rock and roll. We plan to take a day to ride around Eugene to test it all out before loading her up and heading for the coast!


Front racks (that we’re also bringing with us), and new rear racks will, of course, complete the setup – and there are a few brackets for lights, and technology and such to keep Marc tinkering for a bit before it’s all set.

Needless to say, we’re pretty excited!

One full day left here to pack, and we’ll be on our way.  We’re pretty sure we’ve acquired or accounted for everything we want to take – hopefully not more than we should!   While the cycling gear is sorted, I’m leaving the final off-bike clothes decisions until crunch time.  Tomorrow! *gulp*.  Let’s hope we can get through that process without ‘words’!

Travelling light for three weeks is another level again from what we’ve done before. Once you’re on the road, with no choice, it’s liberating, but right now I’m STILL agonising over it all.  Will I be warm enough if it’s cold? Will I be cool enough if it’s hot?  The forecast is 35 degrees in Eugene mid-week, but about 20 degrees on the coast! Will I be comfortable? (Having second thoughts about those bloody ‘travel pants’).  Will I look half-decent for going out for a meal? Can I justify slipping *that* item in?

Weight is the never-ending issue – “Death by a thousand cuts” says He.  (And we’re not even camping!)

At any rate, our long-awaited adventure is almost about to begin.  Even if no bikes are involved in our 24 hour San Francisco stopover, I shall probably get started with the blogging once we hit foreign soil!

Photos on the go, and I’ll come back later with the words.

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