Three weeks out from the big trip. 

Interrupted the renovations to go for a ride. Feeling a bit underdone on the ride prep, and we have our newbie navigational/route recording technologies to trial and set up the way we want.

And I’ve had to dust off the WordPress app and remember how it all worked.
I can’t figure out how I got the Strava daily route overview map pics.  Nothing I try works anymore, so we’ll have to go with a screen cap from Marc’s strava app. The one I’ve had to put on my rebooted, and aging phone, is littered with Strava segment markers.
Today he was testing out the newly acquired Lezyne ‘Enhanced’ Super GPS (I believe it is called). He recorded out and back separately.

As chief navigator and Ride With GPS route plotter, I’m in charge of the new Garmin Edge 1000, and still sorting out its foibles with following gpx courses, and recording the route at the same time.

(We might get round to reviewing these in a separate Gear review post.)

This is a link to a Strava map  :

And this is a link to a 3D animation. Relive!

Love the little return to home as we realised we’d forgotten the rear lights that were on charge.

Hopefully we can get our shit together with everything by the time we arrive over there and start riding!

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