Day 4 – Taylors Arm to Willawarrin

+707m or +854m (Felt like 854 to me)
0 maggies

Another pretty good meal at the pub last night. We were the accidental beneficiaries of a local history lesson through listening in to the RSL sub-branch meeting in the dining room.

Historical Pub ambience, albeit Covid style:

My grandparents used to take vincents powders with their cup of tea.

Well the forecast for today wasn’t good. Rain. We’d resigned ourselves to getting wet, but at least, getting closer to Thursday, the mm range forecast was trending towards lower mm range.

We got up early, but a look at the radar showed that if we stuffed around for long enough we might just escape the worst of it.

(Accommodation was in this separate building.)

And so we did. A late start at just about 10am, and by then it was down to a light drizzle that came and went. Rather cool on the downhills, but way too hot with merino and rain jacket when we started climbing.

The big plus with the rain was that it dampened down the loose road surface. And also, we think, it meant there were no logging trucks out (at least that’s what we assume, because a friendly local on the first hill out of Taylors Arm, who asked where we were headed, said to watch out for the trucks.)

Country back roads are always good for the random things you see:

Nothing happening anymore at this place. Maybe cos of this: 😁

I guess the property owner just really likes penguins!

We demolished the salad rolls we’d had made up last night sitting in a very handy bus shelter. By then we’d done the worst of the climbing.

We made it to Willawarrin about 1.30, so we had lots of time to kill. Icecream time at the Willawarrin General Store… as well as a sneaky hose down of a muddy bike, having got bogged just a few ks up the road taking a gravel detour to miss out on a few kilometres on Armidale Rd. Not a good decision as it turned out, as Armidale Rd didn’t have as much traffic as I had imagined it would.

Then a beer at the pub. The locals and the workers at the pub are really friendly but the owner is a dick. Had been told to ask him about taking our bike upstairs when he arrived, so I did. No way, he says. Really rudely. And it ain’t the Hilton up here.

One thought on “Day 4 – Taylors Arm to Willawarrin

  1. That sign is a classic – along with the pub owner! I thought if you yesterday as it poured down here on and off. Great to see you in a pic too. I get why people are always moaning at me that I need to be in some of the pics. Enjoy.


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