Day 3 – Bellingen to home

62k  +667m of climbing.

We actually didn’t have that much to choose from for accommodation in Bello. A few Airbnbs were booked out. (Noticed the Bello Show was on, so maybe that was it.)  So we ended up in a Guesthouse/B&B which was nice, if not a bit on the olde worlde, fancy and cluttered side for us.  (Marc warning me to watch out for that tray of china as I clomped through the lounge area with the panniers.)

Breakfast on the verandah was actually a bit chilly (and frilly) despite a ceiling heater thing going on. Glad it wasn’t mid-winter!  (But at least we didn’t carry our down jackets for nothing.)


Last night we had dinner at the Bellingen Brewery and Co, which was a funky place serving trendy pizzas and locally brewed beer. (Local Bello Pale Ale got his seal of approval.)

Because we’ve done day rides to Bello before – usually from Coffs or even Repton –  and it’s even ‘closer’ by car – it felt kind of weird to be staying the night there.  But we wouldn’t have gone there from home for dinner, so it was a new experience.

Anyhow, about 60k to get home.   I had decided we should take Hydes Creek Rd through to Glennifer Rd as we’d never ridden that way before.  I’d checked and double-checked that there were no crazy hills, but he was still querying it up until the night before. Love that he has such faith in my route plotting experience.

Glad we did – nice ride.  (And at least he then had the grace to say so.)  A bit of dirt once we hit Glennifer Road, but barely any cars.
Didn’t stop to take any photos, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

Once we hit Pine Creek Way (the old highway) we stopped for a coffee at the servo, and then it was familiar turf for the rest of the way home.  Bottoms (mine especially it seems) were paying the price of not doing any pre-tour ‘training’ rides.

… but you can always try for new perspectives…

Lunch at Cafe Aqua in Park Beach, and then a slog into a gusty NNW headwind the rest of the way home. Of course.

So I guess that was one of the downsides to doing a loop from home – you cover familiar riding territory on the way out and back in again.  Still, with only three days up our sleeves this time, it was still fun to explore our own backyard.




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