Day 1 – Home to Lowanna

Day 1 recap (now that we’re home, with fast internet.)

Only 54k but over 1000m of climbing. (1200 according to Marc’s bike computer as well as the rwgps route plan, 1081m according to my Garmin. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Nothing new in roads ridden today, just the doing it from home bit.  Bucca Road and Orara Rd supplied the usual quota of idiots doing either close passes, or unsafe/unsighted passes forcing the oncoming vehicle to have to prop.  *sigh*

A flat tyre only 16k in.

We stopped at the Idle Inn Cafe at Nana Glen and had scones with jam and cream for morning tea. Fresh out of the oven, so that was a win!  Only another 10k to Coramba, at which point Marc realised that he’d left the little container of electrolyte capsules on the cafe table back in Nana Glen.  (They are probably still wondering what drugs they are, and he was a bit concerned about getting cramps going up the mountain – a Powerade had to suffice.)

10k down the road felt too soon to eat again, so we bought chicken and salad rolls (actually foccaccias) to have on a lunch stop part way up.

Conveniently placed log and feelin’ the serenity.
Most food tastes better in the middle of the bush and after riding up, up, up for a number of kilometres.  The chicken was missing in action though.  (  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ some more.)


So, it was sweet relief to turn off Orara Way onto Eastern Dorrigo Way. Sure it was up, but the cars were nicer (bar one close pass). Even had a dude slow down just after passing us to call out “Top effort guys! Awesome!”.


People wonder why ride when it’s easier to drive.  The number one reason is that you really experience the sights and sounds of the environment.  Lots of bellbirds up this hill.


A welcome sight – top of the hill.  (Apart from a nasty little pinch, up and over, between the Lowanna turnoff and the village.)


We headed first to the general store for a bag of chips (sodium!!) and a drink.


It’s the Boxcar Cafe – and I’m here to tell you that they don’t make railway carriage seats like they used to. (My just-rode-54k/1200m bottom approved.)


On, then, to our Airbnb accommodation for the night.


(view from the back of their house.)

A friendly welcome from the owners, Phil and Karen, but especially so from their dog Pip.


A walk back up to the General Store to pick up a couple of sherbets, and some snacks for tomorrow’s ride.

With a bit of altitude and cooler temps, it looked much more autumn-y than back home at sea level.


There might be fairies up here in Lowanna, but apparently, as adults, we wouldn’t be able to see them. 🙂



Our Airbnb hosts offered the option of providing dinner, which we opted for (as we kinda needed it!). They invited us into their house to have dinner with them, and we had a great homecooked meal (using some of their veggie garden produce) and enjoyable company.


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