Day 15 – Toora to Tarwin Lower

Short day – only 47k – but that’s ok with me – and about 30k on rail trail (part of the Great Southern Rail Trail) which had a great compacted surface. I don’t know about him, but I needed an easier day before our last two longish days into Melbourne.

It started out cloudy and chilly, playing – in my mind anyway – into the cliche of what we northerners think about Victorian weather. 😜 But at least the bloody wind had died down.

Looking back at Toora. Note the wind turbines! As we learnt back on our day between Cooma and Bombala, they tend to put wind farms in windy spots!

And after the view of Latrobe Valley power stations the other day (complete with the pollution hanging in the air above them), we’re fans (😁 😉) of the wind turbines.

Nice view south to the coast just before the gentle descent into Fish Creek on the trail.

☝️My turn looking goofy in the selfie.

2 thoughts on “Day 15 – Toora to Tarwin Lower

  1. Diane Ruby Bentley

    On bike this morning after busy fam weekend in orange – in Molong coffee sandwich break – 41 klms did backroads some dirt not sure where we will end up tonight !!!


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