Rest day in Fortuna

So, not the most salubrious of towns, but a nice, normal  – in fact rather spacious – hotel room.  We have a couple of biggish days coming up, so we decided to give the legs a break. And go walk a loop around town for nearly 7k.  What the?  It wasn’t even a nice walk. Barely any footpaths.  But we found a supermarket, and ended up buying a sub-style roll made up at the deli, to then go eat in a park. Except we didn’t find a park, so we sat in the shade in some parched, prickly grass out the front of the something like the rural fire brigade premises.

Wondered why all the flags were out down the main street of the old part of town, till we realised today was 9/11.

We’d also procured a toothbrush from the Dollar Store so that Marc could clean the belt drive on the tandem which has been causing a bit of a whining, squealing problem – to the point where I’m going to suddenly lose my mind.  It didn’t do it when riding around town in Eugene, but started on that first day when loaded up.  I reckon that it eased off to nearly nothing the next couple of days (although Marc thinks it didn’t), but the last few days it’s been driving me (us) nuts.  We’ve tried water, he’s tried soap. Then yesterday we stopped at a hardware store and bought silicon spray, which worked for 10-15k stretches, then the damned thing started again.  So, today: a hose, a toothbrush, and he’ll put silicon spray on in the morning.



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