Day 5 – Harrington to Forster

The forecast was for rain, and the radar was showing incoming rain from the west, so there was a bit of a debate about breakfast logistics..and whether to get going and shelter through the worst (at, probably, the pub at Coopernook).  We opted for a quick bacon and egg roll when we discovered that there was a sort of cafe/bakery at this complex on the way ..(I had also noted that there might not be any food available at the pub that early!)

The rain started while we were eating, so we kitted up in the rain gear and set off.  It was only about 8k to the highway (through some drizzle)… another 8k along the rain had disappeared,  we were getting too hot, so we stopped and pulled off a side street and took it off – much to the chagrin of the dogs in the nearby house.

We stopped again at Taree south service centre – I wasn’t going any further without a coffee stop!

It was then another several km’s to the turn off to Forster (Lakes Way). It was a relief to get away from the traffic, but with the shoulder it really wasn’t too bad.

And we found Chris somewhere along Lakes Way and then stopped at the Hallidays Point turn off so we could gasbag for a bit.

We then headed down Chris’ commute route into Tuncurry. I frankly don’t envy his commute, but he says that at the times he usually rides the cars seem to know him and give him space!  As has been the case much of the way, sometimes the ‘arterial roads’ are actually worse than a dual carriageway 100k zone with wide shoulders.

We stopped at this waterside cafe for lunch, and a very very long catch up!

Lunch spot

Our final destination that day was over the river in Forster.. staying with old friends Digby and Lizzie.  The downside of that was we knew they lived up on a hill somewhere!  We managed to find them (and fit a bottle of wine into the panniers AND ride it up).

We had a great night catching up with Digs and Liz. Much talk and laughter, and thus forgot about getting a photo of us all.
Much appreciated the short notice dinner, bed, and breakfast!

So it wasn’t a super long day in the saddle, but the next option (Bulahdelah) was really too far for what we wanted to ride in one day.  Plus we had a bonus social time!

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