Indipac 2022 – Recap time

I promised myself – and Marc – that I would come back and record our IPWR/Indipac ride… tour… journey….adventure…. utter madness… (can’t quite decide what to call it) in more detail here. While we posted to our TwoUp Facebook page most days, it was pretty brief, and it’s also not particularly easy to scroll back through a FB page when a sentimental urge overcomes you. For our own, selfish, reasons, we can’t have a big hole in our tandem touring journal for one of the biggest cycling adventures we’re ever likely to do! (<- yes I said it, but I guess you never know.)   But also, hopefully, our record might come in handy for anyone either planning on doing Indipac itself, or even similar sections of the route. (And I do have some very strong opinions about some of it!)

The task of trying to remember 51 days of riding (plus the 7 rest days) has been daunting, and I also have some kind of emotional block going on about it even four months since finishing. Every time I sit down to write, I find myself doing anything but. Today I even vacuumed in preference! But if I’m going to do it, it needs to start, and it needs to happen before the end of the year.

I have been trawling back through the photos (of course), our TwoUp FB posts, the IPWR Dotwatcher FB page (and photos*), my daily Strava ‘notes’, and even Google Timeline to help with the recall.  (I only activated Google timeline during covid back when determining where one had been might have been could have been important. Now I’m torn between being dubious about allowing my movements to be tracked – Big Brother etc –  and extremely thankful for the memory prompts it has provided.)

So here goes.  I intended on waiting till I had done up a few posts into the actual riding before publishing (for the sake of the few peeps who already follow this blog) but now I’ve decided that, along with this intro, today I’ll throw up the ‘Countdown’ – from packing, travelling, and the build-up in Freo – and hopefully that will spur me onto writing up Day 1… 2… 3…. and so on!

Can’t decide yet whether to backdate to the actual dates, or not. Hmmm. This may change.

(spoiler: we made it) Photo: DW.

* I’ve taken the liberty of downloading and using a few photos that were published to the Dotwatcher FB group. Problem is that in a few cases I now can’t remember the name of the photographer and so I hope they don’t mind me using them in the spirit of the whole IPWR dotwatcher vibe. I’ll acknowledge as DW for ‘dotwatcher’, and if anyone down the track reading this recognises the photo as theirs, please let me know and I’ll edit!

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