Rest day at Hat Head

Unsurprisingly we had a bit of a sleep-in! Mind you, that was interrupted by bird noise pandemonium at around 6.30am. We found out later that the next-door neighbour feeds the birds at about that time. Great. Well, I suppose it will count as the alarm tomorrow.

I *extra* deserved that sleep in, having done some *extra* exercise last night on top of the 68km riding.

Having done my research before the trip, I had dutifully booked for the Bowling Club bistro for both Friday and Saturday night – as per their request on their website. We set off just on dusk for the walk back across the creek…

and through the caravan park (which was incidentally quite packed!)

And then ‘someone’ wasn’t allowed into the club because She forgot to bring her drivers licence/id and because of Covid, they couldn’t risk letting me in based on his id. So, no choice – it was a solo walk back to the house to get it, while Himself stayed and had a beer.

I strava’d the walk back and it was exactly 1km, so I ended up walking 4 km all up to get dinner. He was buying a beer for me as I got back, then he got in line to order our meals. Get to the counter – cash only. (So much for Covid precautions!). So out of line, go to ATM, get back in line. Finally order. Meals take ages. Two very hungry, tired riders.

Anyhoo… back to the ‘rest day’ that didn’t end up being much of a rest day.

First the washing.

Bit of sitting out the back:

Then a walk back over the creek for lunch – options were fish and chips or fish and chips. We took it over onto the beach, found some shade, and, well, you could find a lot worse places to have fish and chips on the beach!

Back to the shop to get some munchies and beer for late afternoon, and we wandered back to the house via the creek entrance.

I wasn’t going to miss the walk around the headland – and so we got sorted and headed just up the road to the start.
Warning: photo dump ahead. It was a fabulously scenic walk. Highly recommended.

A total of 5 km for that walk, on top of at least 3 km for the earlier lunch trip, followed by another 2 km return walk for dinner… well, no problems falling asleep that night.

As we walked into the club (IDs at the ready), we hear “Schmidty! What are you doing here?” Yep, someone from home (touch) who used to live in Sandy, now in Woopi, and camping there with wife and friends. Everyone is holidaying locally it seems. Not a bad choice either!

3 thoughts on “Rest day at Hat Head

  1. Your “rest” days are like ours. Full of walking. Great post and loved that walk and have added it to our walk list. Great pic of the flannel flowers. Enjoy being home and planning the next adventure. x


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