Day 6 – Port Orford to Gold Beach (short day in lieu of a rest day) 


[Six months later I’m coming back to edit and fill in all the missing blurb. Some days I was just too tired to blog, and preferred to prioritise the experience, rather than feeling pressurised to be recording it.]

We decided to do a couple of short days … so we wandered back down into Orford to check out the beach before we left.  We never needed to make any use of these bike stations that we saw here and there, but it’s cool to know they’re there. Makes you feel like the towns are at least a little bit supportive of cycling.

Still smoky/misty.

This was where we had dinner the night before. Good meal, good view (albeit with the smoke), and complete with an Aussie waiter/bartender who overheard our accents and came over to say g’day.

First stop for some refreshments, the Prehistoric Gardens.  Rarrr!

Gold Beach.  Lunch at a cafe overlooking the river.

Checking out the beach access from the back of the motel.   The motel also had a spa, so we gave that a go. I’d put the pictures up that we tried to take, but they were dreadful 😀

So the sand isn’t like home!

Lots and lots of driftwood on these beaches, and quite a few budding sculptors!

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